1-2 Module One Milestone

  Overview In this milestone, you will examine various definitions of social change identity and the ways in which these definitions align with the attitudes, beliefs, and ideals that reflect your identity. You will revisit the social change initiative that you discuss in this milestone assignment as you complete Project One. Prompt For this activity, you will first research and review five scholarly resources that include varying definitions of social change identity. In an annotated bibliography format, you will summarize and cite the definitions of social change identity from each resource, then respond to the following criteria: Record and cite five scholarly resources that include varying definitions of social change identity. Identify three themes that emerged from the researched definitions. Describe which of the three themes you feel has the greatest personal significance to you and why. Describe which of the three themes you believe has the greatest societal significance and why. Note: In your research, you may find it challenging to locate resources that explicitly include the phrase “social change identity”. In fact, it is far more likely that you will find resources that loosely connect the concepts of “social change” and “identity”. As you may assume, the way in which each of us conceptualize “social change identity” is a matter of subjective perception. Therefore, please remain open minded and creative in your thought process as you develop your unique interpretation of this concept. Next, you will address the following in 4 to 5 sentences per criterion, citing your sources in APA style: Describe a theory of personal change that best reflects your character and/or values and explain why. Describe how a social change initiative of your choice aligns with your personal ideals. All sources and ideas requiring attribution must be cited according to APA style. Guidelines for Submission Submit your Module One Milestone assignment as a Word document, with all sources cited according to APA style.


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