Absurd Arguments

Creating an Argument assignment, you’ll construct an  absurd argument. An absurd argument isn’t meant to be particularly  serious, and there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong side or answer.  This week’s discussion question and dialogue with your classmates and  faculty member will help you become familiar with what an absurd  argument is and which topics work well for that argument.    Select 1 of the following absurd questions for this discussion. Locate an article or blog that discusses your question. Is Marvel or DC the best franchise? Is it better to work to live or live to work? Is American football or soccer better? Should pizza be classified as a sandwich or a pie? Are movies or music better? Is it more important to be wealthy or happy? Provide your own creative debatable idea.   Using the article or blog that corresponds to your selected absurd question, respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Which article or blog did you select? How would you quickly summarize the author’s argument? What did you find compelling about the argument? What weaknesses did you spot in the argument? How might you write a more persuasive argument on this topic? Include a reference list at the end of your post that credits the piece you read.


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