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I NEED 10 ARTICLES + WRITE UPS, EACH WRITE UP SHOULD ALSO HAVE THE ARTICLE LINKED PLEASE Each week, peruse the most recent issue of a periodical or podcast or news video of your choice that addresses an issue related to civic leadership* o Examples: Chronicle of Higher Education, The Economist, Foreign Affairs, The New Yorker, The Nation, The National Review, Slate Political Gabfest, Educate Podcast, Fox News o Not blog posts  Choose one article that resonates with your current context and/or piques your interest  Write a 1 – 2 paragraph analysis of the article. o Analysis should include:  A brief (2 – 4 sentence) synopsis  Why the article resonates with you  How the topic is situated in the broader arena of civic reform  Strengths, weaknesses, connections, implications, and/or questions  Connections among the ideas from the article to our discussions and reading  Connections to your experience Please pick things related to education, charter schools, covid learning loss, differences in urban/public schools and private schools, NYC schools, diversity equity and inclusion in schools college level or elementary level, social media influence on the youth, white privilege etc.  I NEED 10 ARTICLES + WRITE UPS, EACH WRITE UP SHOULD ALSO HAVE THE ARTICLE LINKED PLEASE


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