Module Two Video Reflection Guidelines And Rubric

  Overview In Modules One through Seven of this course, you will watch a series of videos from leaders within the SNHU community. The objective of these videos is to share with you some reflections and insights as they pertain to the participants’ identity, advocacy, leadership, and motivation. Watching the videos and reflecting on the content will contribute to the creation of your own social change identity. Note: As you progress through the video series and the subsequent module reflections, you will synthesize information provided from various concepts discussed within the context of the videos. Pay particular attention to specific conceptual themes that emerge from the videos. You will use the knowledge acquired in all the videos that you’ve viewed so far to complete each module reflection assignment. Prompt For this assignment, you will watch the Module Two Video|SNHU Leadership and answer the following in 2 to 4 sentences per question. Describe whether you believe personal or social factors have had the greatest impact on the participant’s ability to manage change. Describe whether you believe personal or social factors have had a greater influence on your ability to manage change. All sources and ideas requiring attribution must be cited according to APA style. Guidelines for Submission Submit your completed Module Two video reflection as a Word document, with sources cited according to APA style.


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