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Research, create and present an integrated marketing campaign, a critical function of business owners and Marketing departments. This project demonstrates a real world understanding of marketing/advertising principles. Over the semester, student will research and create major sections of an IMC , and present the project in Powerpoint to instructor/class. Specific project guidelines are as follows: Project Section 1: situation analysis/SWOT of product/service for the IMC plan -select a product or service to research for project -demonstrate and conduct secondary market research from the target market of the proposed campaign -interpret the results of market research for targeting/positioning/messaging -define results of your “gap”/needs analysis Project Section 2: Overall creative/media plan -State the campaign goals and how the campaign will achieve its goals -create value proposition/selling idea; brand story/brand promise of your product/service -create features, benefits, and proof for product/service: How is it different from competition? Are there competitive difference(s) to exploit? Project Section 3: Tag line, support, media plan, rough ad(s) -Create a tag line or promotional slogan. Add support statements, and proofs. -Design and create a minimum of one rough mockup of a print ad ad ( newspaper or magazine) -Design and create a minimum of 1 rough mockup of an internet component ( web page, internet ad, etc.) -Research/propose 2 social media platforms to use, as well as, describe the messages, materials and methods Project Section 4-Submit fully edited written powerpoint presentation -create a powerpoint presentation to describe the above plan. Visual aids related to the project may be used for demonstration  -create a basic production and media budget -ask for approval /funding ( your instructor is the approving manager)


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