use the pdf attached to answer the following questions. cross referenced through turn it in and coursehero. a) Topic: Briefly describe your topic of interest & why it is important. Importance should be related to previous research in the field and need to assess the intervention. b) Indicate how the attached article is related to your topic of interest. Be sure to cite it in APA style. c) Research Question: Create a research question based on the topic. Remember to include all of the components of a good research question. d) Independent Variable: Identify the intervention or treatment package.         e) Dependent Variable: Identify the target behavior(s).   f) Participant(s): Describe the population and justify why they were selected for your study.  g) Measurement Procedure: Identify how you will capture the dependent variable and include whether the measurement you selected is continuous or discontinuous.   h) Design: Select one of the single-case designs you learned about and justify the reason for selection. i) Measurement Integrity: Based on your measurement procedure and design, indicate which IOA procedure you will use. j) Procedural Integrity: Describe how you will account for treatment integrity.  k) Maintenance and Generalization: Describe considerations for maintenance and generalization. l) Social Validity: Defend how your study has social validity m) Ethical Considerations: Identify any ethical considerations in your research, such as consent, assent, conflicts of interest, etc. n) General: Indicate where your visual display of data be located in a scientific paper. o) General: Indicate where you would place the implications of your results in a scientific paper?


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