The three diet therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS are foods that will make them .stay alive, move and work (carbohydrates and fatty foods such as rice, potatoes, legumes, vegetable oil build new cells and tissues for growth, maintenance, and repair; (proteins such as meat, fish, milk ) resist and fight infections such as vegetables and fruits Good nutrition is very important because people living with HIV/AIDS are immunosuppressive, so they need a well-balanced diet to support their living. They easily get infections, so good nutrition will always them healthy and maintain a normal BMI since they easily lose weight. Good nutrition also gives them healthy muscle tone and prevents body wasting. Again, nutrition helps HIV/AIDS clients to respond to treatment since the system is receiving the needed nutrients. If people living with HIV/AIDS fail to comply with good nutrition, their immune system will keep going down. They will continue to get infections with the least exposure because they are not being supported. They will go underweight because diarrhea is one of the infections that bothers them very much. Their skin will start to wrinkle because of inadequate eating of fruits and vegetables. The setting of SMART goals for the patient will help to adhere to the use of good nutrition. This will help the nurse reach their goals in making patients healthy. Educate patients on eating good nutrition and the benefits they will have.


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