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  The priority nursing interventions for Roslyn are to assess and monitor her vital signs, especially her respiratory rate, and perform a pain assessment. The nurse should also administer medication to relieve pain, and considering she is pale and weak; a blood transfusion may be needed. The nurse should prepare Roslyn for that. As the nurse, it is vital to inform Roslyn and her family that her condition can cause pain and avoid students who may be sick when attending school. She should also inform them to let the school know about her condition and need to take medication to treat her symptoms while in school. The nurse can encourage them to keep Roslyn updated with her immunizations to help prevent infections. “Support groups for children with sickle cell anemia can help learn ways to cope with these conditions. These support groups can also be helpful for sharing their worries with peers who have similar concerns and feelings.” (Stanford Children’s Health, 2022, para.10) The nurse can support the family and Roslyn by providing information about support groups. The nurse needs to educate them about Sickle Cell Anemia and crisis. The nurse should instruct the family and Roslyn about the importance of handwashing. The nurse can educate them about different ways to manage pain and symptoms. Instruct them to avoid different foods and monitor things that can trigger Roslyn’s symptoms. It is vital to instruct Roslyn to avoid strenuous exercises because they can cause a crisis.


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