Scenario Analysis

  What priority problem(s) did you identify for Julia Morales and Lucy Grey? What teaching measures and what other members of the health care team should be included in the home health nurse visit for Julia Morales and Lucy Grey? What potential barriers might Julia Morales and Lucy Grey encounter that would hinder active participation in Julia’s care? What appropriate assessments were made to help you decide what interventions Julia Morales and Lucy Grey needed? What appropriate strategies could be implemented to empower Julia Morales and Lucy Grey in the management of Julia’s care? What potential problems does Julia Morales face if the symptoms of her disease progression are not recognized and if actions are not initiated in a timely manner? What is the role of the home health/hospice interprofessional team, and what is the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the case of Julia Morales and Lucy Grey? What potential environmental/safety hazards need to be assessed in the home care setting? Concluding Questions Reflecting on Julia Morales and Lucy Grey’s case, were there any actions you would do differently? How would you apply the knowledge and skills that you obtained in the case of Julia Morales and Lucy Grey to an actual patient care situation?


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